Is the Duck Dynasty Firestorm Nothing More Than a PR Stunt?
Bill Quick

Ten Things to Consider about the Business of Duck Dynasty –

10. A&E will cave. Some weasel-worded press release will go out, some oddly-constructed sentence about “faith” and “love” and some other stuff is probably right now being sweated and screamed about in the sleek city offices of A&E—you know what I mean, right? Aeron chairs and brightly-colored wall hangings, “fun” conference rooms and Nespresso machines—all because the programmers made a horrible, horrible mistake and put someone interesting on television.  

I think this is accurate.  I thought right at the beginning of this, that when A&E “suspended” Robertson rather than firing him, they were doing so to leave themselves backdown room if things went south.

Well, things went south.  They’ll back down.  In the meantime, they’re operating on the rule that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

In fact, a part of me suspects that A&E may have deliberately ginned up the whole thing as a PR stunt.  If so, even though they can’t ever admit it, it will be one of the most effective PR stunts in the history of TV.

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Is the Duck Dynasty Firestorm Nothing More Than a PR Stunt? — 1 Comment

  1. You called right.
    If it was a PR stunt it worked spectacularly well.
    If not, well, they caved and the ratings should climb.
    You will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American TV audience.

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