I Won’t Be Sending Scott Brown Any Money or Other Support
Bill Quick

Scott Brown’s record on guns signals trouble in NH bid « Hot Air

Another factor which we may be overlooking in the early rush is the carpetbagging element of a potential Brown candidacy.

Another factor left unmentioned is that Brown’s official victory was in significant part fueled by nationwide grass-roots conservative money and other support.

After his unabashed RINOism in the Senate, I doubt that he can expect a repeat of that.

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Bill Quick

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I Won’t Be Sending Scott Brown Any Money or Other Support — 2 Comments

  1. Brown was never anything but a liberal Republican and he never pretended to be anything but. The wave of support that pushed him into the Senate was caused by a nationalized election built on a single point: his pledge to be the 60th vote against ObamaCare.

    The ‘perfect storm’ surrounding his original campaign brought in a bunch of support that, as you note, isn’t going to be repeated. But I don’t view Brown as a sell-out the way I do, say, Rubio. He was just a liberal Republican who happened to be at the right place at the right time.

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