The Most Dangerous Game
Bill Quick

PETA Under Fire for Telling Teenager Mauled by Bear She Should Stop Hunting | Mediaite

Sometimes if an incident related to your particular cause is in the news, you might want to release a statement or make public comment to draw attention to your cause. This backfired on PETA in a major way this past week when, following news of a Pennsylvania teenager who was mauled by a black bear during a deer hunt, they sent out a letter to Camille Bomboy and asked her to stop hunting altogether.

The letter, sent out last Friday, asks her to consider violence from the animal’s perspective.

I’d be okay with her giving up bear hunting, if she dropped it in favor of PETA hunting.

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The Most Dangerous Game — 1 Comment

  1. Sounds reasonable enough to me -

    Might not even need a license – I don’t know that there’s any sort of “posted season/off-season” on PETA assholes (slight redundancy, there…), nor any sort of “bag limit”.

    I’d recommend she use only a 20-gauge shotgun, with slugs or 00-buck, just to keep it “sporting”, though.

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