Now That the Nuclear Shutdown Is History….
Bill Quick

House Introduces Bill to Prevent Military Pension Cuts | Washington Free Beacon

A bill introduced on Thursday in the House of Representatives would remove pension cuts to military retirees in the budget agreement passed this week and offset the fiscal difference by closing of a loophole that allows illegal immigrants to receive tax credits.

I suspect this was the GOP plan all along.  Putting something like this in the budget bill would have risked the Dems forcing a government shutdown, which the Republicans assumed they would get the blame for.

But now that is off the table, they can go ahead and “fix” the budget by forcing the Senate (and House) Democrats to choose between welfare largesse for illegal aliens, or pension benefits for disabled combat veterans, a vote they won’t enjoy taking – unless Harry Reid can keep the bill from ever reaching the Senate floor, which he’ll probably manage to do.  Still, this won’t be good news for vulnerable Democrats in the House facing re-election next year.

Remember:  Everything either party does for the next nine months will be focused on gaining electoral advantage in the 2014 mid-terms.

Should be a fun way for them to start the new year off.

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