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Bill Quick

Liberal Media: People Mocking Obama’s PajamaBoy Are Racist, Homophobic Cyberbullies | NewsBusters

Just as cigars sometimes can indeed be just cigars, so too can jokes. Yet this is a point which seems to be lost on several left-wing media writers who have taken great umbrage at the mockery that conservatives are making at the expense of one Ethan Krupp, better known as “PajamaBoy.”

The crew on MSNBC’s Morning Joeproved today that not everyone on the left has missed the absurdity of the Obama administration putting forward a grown man in children’s pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate as the public face of Obamacare to young people. Still, there appear to be many Democratic partisans out there who are outraged at the jokes and what they supposedly say about those making them.

Good.  Nothing starts off a day better than a piping hot cup of liberal outrage.  With Splenda and cream (I do the low-carb liberal outrage, myself).

BTW: Is Ethan any relation to the prominent industrialist and Nazi supporter of Adolf Hitler, I wonder?  If so, you’d think he’d commit suicide out of a simple urge to atone for his genetic history.

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