Great News: Another Saudi Terror-Client Debuts In Africa
Bill Quick

State Dept. Warns of New Terrorist Group Posing Threat to U.S. Interests in Africa –

WASHINGTON — The State Department warned Wednesday that a new terrorist group linked to an Algerian militant has emerged as “the greatest near-term threat to U.S. and Western interests” in the Sahel region of Africa. The State Department’s move underscored the resilience of the militant factions and their ability to forge new terrorist alliances, even in the face of Western pressure.

Let me try to simplify this for you.  This is just another Sunni Muslim terrorist gangster, no more and no less “dangerous” than any other bunch of Sunni Muslim terror gangs, and he and his group are very likely being financed, armed, trained, sheltered, and used by the Saudi regime, as have been most of the others like them.  In other words, so much for “Western pressure.”

Until the civilized west appies real and effective pressure to the Saudi and Iranian regimes themselves, expect our phony war on terror to continue, and “new” threats like this one to continue to arise.

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