I Like Mark Levin, But He’s Wrong On This One
Bill Quick

MARK LEVIN: I have first amendment concerns about A&E firing Phil Robertson… » The Right Scoop -

While making sure to explain that all the facts aren’t out yet, Mark Levin lightly weighed in on the firing of Phil Robertson saying he doesn’t understand why he was fired and that he has some serious first amendment concerns about it.

Much as I admire and respect Mark Levin, this is not a first amendment issue.  Constitutionally, American governments generally cannot censor.  But A&E is not a government.  Would a religious channel be required to provide a venue for atheist commentary by the Constitution?

Okay, I get the “public airwaves” argument.  But it has always been spurious, constitutionally speaking.  If the state can require A&E to keep presenting somebody it doesn’t wish to, then it can also require radio and tv stations to provide “balance” in their broadcasting – which would rid the air of Levin himself – along with Limbaugh, Hannity, and all the rest of the conservative talkers.

Bottom line:  Duck Boy is free to say anything he wants.  But he’s not free to keep on working for an employer who doesn’t like what he’s saying.

I appreciate the irony here, though.  This guy is being fired for his expression, and he doesn’t have any recourse – just as, in 29 states, gays can be fired for being gay without any recourse.

Wallow in it, Duck Boy.

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