Try A Shot of Reality About Islam and the Middle East
Bill Quick

Reuters: West warms up to Assad regime « Hot Air

The most galling part of that triumph is that Russia was largely correct in preventing a repeat of what happened in Libya, even though that means keeping an Iranian satellite in place.  As a bonus, the exercise has weakened Western relations with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, which will boost Iran’s influence in the region as well as Russia’s.

The most galling thing about this sort of analysis is that it ignores the fact that both the Iranian and Saudi Arabian regimes are rogues that create, manage, arm, train, finance, and use Muslim terror gangs – for instance, al Qaeda is a Saudi creation and tool, while Hizb ‘Allah is currently owned and operated by Iran.

Each nation is the principle leader of an Islamic sect – Iran and the Shia, Saudi Arabia and the Sunni.  Both are locked in a millennium-long death struggle.  Most of our problems with Islam here in the west come from our failure to acknowledge and deal with those facts.

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