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Haters Gonna Hate, Deniers Gonna Deny : The Other McCain

. Speaking of brilliant, advocates of anthropogenic global warming theory came up with a brilliant way to win the debate: Silence opponents.

See, this is how science works: You assemble a consensus of “experts” who agree with your theory, and then you conspire to prevent anyone who disagrees with you from getting any government grants or journal publications or academic positions. Then, if necessary, you conceal any data that doesn’t conform to your theory and, once you’re done with that, you proclaim “The Science Is Settled” and begin censoring public forums so that the truth of your theory can never be criticized by anyone anywhere.

So…what are they changing the name of that Reddit forum to?  The “Junk Science” forum?  The “Technical Religion” forum?  The “True Believers” forum?

Obviously they can’t continue to call it a “Science” forum, since scientific enquiry, not to mention the scientific method itself, has been banned there.

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