Gary Indiana Is a Craphole
Bill Quick

Indiana joins chorus of states clamoring for Boeing 777X airplane facility – Manufacturing News – Crain’s Chicago Business

(AP) — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence says state economic development officials have talked to Boeing Co. about building its planned airplane manufacturing and assembly facility in Indiana, while another state official mentioned Gary-Chicago International Airport as a lure.

“We have had contact with them and discussions, but I won’t comment further on those,” Pence told The Times of Munster. “I will tell you, every opportunity that we are given to tell Indiana’s story and make the case for Indiana — we do.”

Not gonna happen.   No matter how they try to gild that lily, Gary is nothing more than Detroit on a smaller scale.  Its debt situation is a lot better, but its education level is awful, its poverty levels astronomical, and over the past thirty years it has become totally acclimated to life as a welfare state.

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