iPad – Not the Tablet for the Rest of the Avon Ladies
Bill Quick

Was iPad app too hard too use for Avon reps? Company cancels $125M SAP rollout | TabTimes

InformationWeek’s translation:

“In other words, the technology worked, but it was so hard to use that Avon salespeople — many of them part timers who network among friends and hold in-home parties — left the company in droves. That’s not consistent with the kind of consumer-grade app experience that has made tablets so popular in sales and retail settings.”

Huh.  Are these the same people who created the Obamacare website?

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iPad – Not the Tablet for the Rest of the Avon Ladies — 3 Comments

  1. I have vast experience with a particular product from SAP, called Business Objects.

    I also have 30 years experience in the IT world.

    Hands down, without question, the combination of Business Objects and SAP’s support are the worst I have ever encountered.

    They make Microsoft and Dell seem like grade school primers with Cadillac support by comparison.

    I often insert “The worst software company in the world, SAP” into conversations with my peers.

    • I’m not going to disagree about SAP’s product quality or support quality, but I will note that you, the geek guy, are not SAP’s market. Their market is the clueless knob in the lux office on the 27th floor.

      Similar goes for Oracle Financials (their slogan should be “all the ease of writing your own accounting app from scratch, all the cost of having us write a custom accounting app for you”) and most of IBM’s products and services. They’re marketing their “experience” and “professionalism” to the suits who can’t or won’t judge a purchase on it’s technical merits or its bang-for-the-buck ratio. Instead, they go for the sales guy who looks comfortable in his suit and speaks the right language.

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