No, I Want To Hear Boehner Tell Us What He Really Thinks
Bill Quick

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It took great effort by an awful lot of people to achieve that GOP house majority that you preside over, and it will take more than Obamacare to get people to overcome their natural inertia to turn out to give the GOP the senate in 2014 and if you don’t believe me ask Senator Gabriel Gomez (R-Hisapnica) how easy it was to bring out the 50% of 2010 Scott Brown voters he needed to win or ask why former Senator Brown crossed the border rather than run in a state where he ran away from his base.  As Powerline said yesterday:

In all likelihood, he has the votes he needs to pass the deal. So why lash out at opponents within the Party? Does Boehner imagine a Republican majority in which groups like Heritage and the Club for Growth have abandoned the Party? I don’t, and certainly not a conservative majority. So why antagonize them unnecessarily?

You’re the freaking leader of the GOP.  If you’re pissed off, vent in private, let an aide leak something in background or do what I do, get yourself in front of a pinball machine and beat the crap out of it.  You don’t repeatedly go after conservatives group and by extension the base in that way and feed the MSM’s  ”GOP base crazy/angry” meme that they will jump all over because let me tell you, if you become the minority leader unlike Nancy Pelosi the media will have no interest in anything you have to say.

And if you can’t trust your self-control in public then take President Coolidge’s advice and just be quiet.

No.  Absolutely not.  I want to hear these Gentry GOP leaders speaking out and telling me how they feel about people like me, and the rest of the conservative base who put them into power in the first place.

I don’t want them pretending to like, respect, or need us, when they really hate and despise us.

And Boehner is honest enough to tell us.  Which is fine, and helps underline my determination to do everything I can to see him at least removed from the Speakership and, if possible, removed from the House entirely – whether by primarying him, or supporting his Democrat opponent in the general.

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