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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT): Will Microsoft Hire Pat Gelsinger And Merge Wintel? – Seeking Alpha

Should Microsoft hire Gelsinger, then Intel is in play, as the majority of its silicon now and in the future will continue to run a Microsoft O/S and the full suite of applications. It sounds too farfetched for most of us, who have watched these giants for over twenty years drive the refresh cycle of the PC market at the cadence of Moore’s Law. And yet does Microsoft not see that the vertical model being employed by Samsung (GM:SSNLF) and Apple includes the complete combination of hardware and software, with the optimized processor as the starting point?

Let’s not forget that the Intel Data Center Group is the engine that drives a significant amount of the profit funding advanced process development and processor design. It also represents a possible choke point in the industry. Gelsinger understands this clearly as does Bill Gates, Larry and Sergey and Tim Cook. If Microsoft appoints Gelsinger, then, assuming there are no roadblocks, the Wintel empire will consolidate and allow Microsoft to go vertical in order to compete with Samsung, Google and Apple, with the first goal of reinforcing the castle walls around corporate. The second will be to win the Data Center Wars.

The mere fact that the term “Wintel” even exists lends some credence to this notion.  Not much, maybe, and not now, but down the road…?

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