If At First You Don’t Succeed, Wash, Rinse, and Repeat
Bill Quick

Man Who Complained of Cancelled Insurance Policy Was Soon After Audited By the IRS;
Health Care Freedom Activist Helps Him Get His Policy Restored, and Now Finds
Himself Being Audited As Well

But now I find out that it wasn’t just the cancer patient who suddenly had the IRS alert and curious and on the case — it was also his advocate, an insurance salesman and Obamacare critic who was helping the man get his hold policy back.

This man was also suddenly being asked questions by the IRS — mostly about his trouble-making client.

It is unavoidable; it is open and shut; it is a serious political scandal. The fact that two men who came forward to criticize Obama are both hit with a snap IRS inspection days after making their complaints public can simply not be attributed to chance.

There is a principle in law: res ipsa loquitor. “The thing speaks for itself.” In some cases, you don’t have to prove an element of a tort, if it is obvious, based on circumstances, that wrongdoing has in fact occurred.

It is deliberate. It is, in fact, conspiracy.

And it’s outrageous.

It’s also illegal and corrupt. So, what do you think the chances are that the MSM won’t do everything in its power to cover this up?

But never fear. Our brave Republican leaders will call for an investigation to, um, expose these practices, and that will put an immediate stop to them.

Oh, wait….

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