The Gentry GOP Doesn’t Talk, It Screams
Bill Quick

I’ve mentioned this latest betrayal before, but the redoubtable DrewM. digs a bit deeper into the essential noxious nature of the beast:

Report: Paul Ryan Ready To Cut A Budget Deal That Breaks The Sequester

Oh and when Team GOP types say, “well, we told you this would happen because you pushed the shutdown” ask them what in the world prevented the House from passing a “clean CR” that kept the sequester intact? If they answer anything other than “Um, nothing”, they are lying.

Keep this betrayal in mind (and it will be a betrayal because you can bet Boehner’s going to need Democrats to make this work) when Team GOP says “stop primarying Republicans and focus on Democrats!”.

Until Republicans stop kicking conservatives in the shins, I’m all for conservatives kicking Republicans in the balls.

But hey, cheer up! Sure the GOP is going to sell you out on spending but they’ll give you amnesty later in the year as a makeup present.

Feel better?

Define “better.”

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Bill Quick

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