America, the Huge and Beautiful
Bill Quick

Best Tourist Attraction In Every State – Business Insider

The U.S. isn’t called “America the Beautiful” for nothing.

Each year, millions of tourists come from home and abroad to see the country’s majestic landscape and iconic sites, from the Grand Canyon to the Statue of Liberty.

But there are also cool, quirky attractions, like Vermont’s Ben & Jerry’s Factory and Tennessee’s Graceland, the former home of Rock and Roll King Elvis Presley.

From California to New York and everywhere in between, the country is chock-full of incredible attractions that keep luring in visitors. Here are the best tourist attractions in every state.

I’ve driven two-thirds of the way across America and back twice in the past two years, and I continue to be struck by just how huge and varied this country is.

Europeans can’t really understand the sort of mindset all this space engenders in the American approach to the world.  If I drove the same distance in Europe, I’d cross have a dozen countries, with as many different languages and histories.  In American, I cross half a dozen states with the same language, history, and shared values.

We think big because we are big.  And there is room for a lot of quirkiness and interesting destinations in a nation as large as we are.

BTW, Neil Gaiman wrote a wonderful book around this theme: American Gods.  I highly recommend it.

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