Thank God For Small Favors
Bill Quick

Kurtz Bashes Matthews’ Obama Interview: Worse Than Softball, ‘It Was Whiffle Ball’ | Mediaite

Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz brought all of his sports metaphors to a segment about Hardball host Chris Matthews’ recent interview with President Barack Obama, arguing that the sympathetic interview may have played to the MSNBC base but did little to advance Obama’s point of view.

“I expected Chris Matthews to deliver a sympathetic friendly interview with President Obama,” Kurtz said. “But I wouldn’t even say he was pitching softballs—I’d describe it as whiffle ball…This is a guy who loves to interrupt his guests, right? He let the president go on and on.”

At least we were spared the sight of Matthews yanking down Obama’s well-creased trousers and fellating him right on camera while furiously flogging his own throbbing erection.

So there’s that.

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