Harvard: Where Everybody Gets an A
Bill Quick

Massive Harvard Grade Inflation Revealed

You can always tell a Harvard man; he’s the one with a series of scarlet A’s on his report card. This week, Harvard’s Dean of Undergraduate Education Jay M. Harris admitted to the university newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, that the most common grade for Harvard students is an A. What’s the median grade?

Would you believe A-minus?

The reason Harvard is coming clean about its grade inflation is that they were prodded by professor Harvey C. Mansfield, who said in the Crimson that the inflated grades at the university are “indefensible … a failure on the part of this faculty and its leadership to maintain our academic standards.”

Well, then.  No wonder they always say that just getting in is most of the battle.  The credentials are apparently automatic after that.

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Harvard: Where Everybody Gets an A — 3 Comments

  1. When I’m wearing my Hiring hat I don’t give any consideration at all to grades. Grades from big-name (and expensive) private schools are meaningless because Daddy expects Precious Baby to get straight As in exchange for that $50K/year. Grades from many state schools can’t be trusted because some governors or legislators try to persuade business to come to their states based on the excellent college system as demonstrated by graduation rates and grades.

    That said, I’m in the tech field and I’m a gearhead myself, so I can give a meaningful skills and attitude interview. That leaves just the constant battle with the recruiting department to give me all of the damn resumes and don’t try to filter them because those English Lit majors are not qualified to evaluate a programmer’s background or skills.

  2. …Daddy expects Precious Baby to get straight As in exchange for that $50K/year.

    Well, now, that really says it all, right there, doesn’t it?

    The Very Finest Education Indoctrination Money Can Buy – with particular emphasis on the “Buy” part –

    In the world of Modern-Day Top-Scale Ammurrican Edjumacation, it’s been pretty evident for some time, now: High-End Costs equates to High-End Grades – whether actual educational achievement is involved or not becomes pretty-much a secondary consideration…gotta get those credentials out there, y’know?

    Just like a majority of top-end Institutions Of Higher Learning Education Credentialling these days, whether they admit it or not, Harvard really uses a “Pass/Fail” grading system – an “A” (or, at worst, “A-Minus”), whether as individual coursework final grade or overall grade average, means “Pass”; below that means – in a way, for those who value such things above…say…actual abilities – “Fail”.

    Therefore: Grade Inflation.

    (Say – didn’t I hear or read somewhere that our current Prevaricator-In-Chief, Da Wun himself, has one of those Harvard sheepskins? I don’t recollect, though, just what his grade average was like, back then…)

  3. When you accept terrorists, low achievement affirmative action spplicants, and other otherwise unqualified people, you have to give them all good marks too. That means everybody has to get good marks.

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