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Oh-oh, even California’s turning on Obama by Andrew Malcolm –

But now comes a brand-new statewide Field Poll. Guess what, dude? The Illinois guy is sliding. Bad. Especially among his traditional core supporters, such as independents, youths, women and union members.

In February, 62% of Californians approved of the job performance of the White House’s top golfer. During Obama’s entire presidency his California approval was higher only once, 65% just 60 days into the job, Field reports.

Today, barely a majority of California’s registered voters approve (51%). In February, 33% disapproved of Obama’s job. Today, 43% disapprove. That’s the worst since 44% in autumn of 2011.

Yeah, but I doubt it means anything.  Obama isn’t running for re-election.  And a commenter on this piece echoes the same observation some of the readers here have made:

The voters in California may be expressing discontent with their lord and master, their god 0bama now, but come election time these same voters will be electing and reelecting the same old, same old extreme radical left wing party of death democrats. For the extreme radical left in America, party comes first, therefore they will always cast their votes for the most left-wing candidates available on the ballot. The California voters may whine, cry and complain, but they never seem to learn that the source of their misery is the politicians they place in high elective offices.

Yep, pretty much.

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