Windows RT: Still Dead On Arrival, No Matter What NYT Says
Bill Quick

Microsoft Produces a Winner in Tablets –

Until then, I will put a fat checkmark next to tech items that let me move one step closer to single-outlet nirvana. Actually, the first such device just hit my hands, and if my eyes did not deceive me, this baby did not come from the Company That Invents Products You Didn’t Know You Needed, otherwise known as Apple.

Instead, it came from Microsoft. The device is the Surface 2 ($450 for the 32-gigabyte version), a tablet/laptop hybrid that, unlike its predecessor and competitors, may put a dent in the demand for powerstrips in my house.

The NYT may love the new Surface (RT) 2, but I still predict an early demise for the RT tabs.  They can’t really compete with similarly, or lesser, priced tablets running the Intel Bay Trail chip and full Windows 8.1.

Like my ASUS Transformer Book T100.

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