The Iran Deal Is Irrelevant
Bill Quick

Uh oh: House Democrats ready to blow up Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran? « Hot Air

Rouhani has pledged repeatedly since the Geneva deal was struck that the program will continue; the White House likely agreed to continued enrichment for just that reason, because they realize it’s a point of nationalistic pride for the regime and that demanding an end to it would mean the end of the deal.

Short of blowing the Mullahs (literally) out of power, no deal, and nothing Obama can or will do, will stop Iran from continuing enrichment until it has the ability to build a nuclear arsenal.

Trying to pretend that these, or any other, “agreements” have a hope of stopping that process is wilful stupidity. There’s no point in arguing costs, agreements, treaties, inspections, or any other aspect of a “solution” other than the destruction of the regime in Tehran . Nothing less will be in any way effective.

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The Iran Deal Is Irrelevant — 2 Comments

  1. Oh, hell, you just won’t play ball, will you? Don’t you get it? Hasn’t Obamacare made it plain? YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO ASK QUESTIONS! Just nod your tiny little pointed head, go along with the story, and stop trying to upset people.

    We are at peace with Iran. We have always been at peace with Iran.

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