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In touching tribute to Mandela, Obama posts photo of himself watching TV by Andrew Malcolm –

Last summer on his $100 million family tour of Africa, Barack Obama hoped for a priceless photo op with Nelson Mandela, the ailing freedom pioneer who went from prison cell to the presidency of South Africa in one of modern history’s more remarkable national — and personal — transformations.

Mandela’s family suggested that wasn’t going to happen.

So, the Obamas did a photo op in Mandela’s former prison cell. The Obama White House hastened to post one of those on Twitter Thursday as soon as word arrived of the icon’s passing at 95.

Obama immediately scheduled a photo op of his own in time for the evening news. But before that he was captured in an action photograph staring at television coverage of the passing of the vaunted victor over apartheid.

And that static Obama image was then posted as the official Obama White House Photo of the Day.

Obama thinks nothing is real unless he is somehow involved in it.  He’s the ultimate solipsist.  From his point of view it’s his world, and we’re only living in it.  Unless he doesn’t notice us at all.  Then we don’t even exist to him.  Or to anybody else, apparently.

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The Magical Obama Mirror — 2 Comments

  1. Obama should load up an ipad with a video of himself (or should that be Himself?) watching a show about Mandela. That would be the perfect gift for Mandela’s survivors. Or for anyone, really.

  2. Even as big as the White House really is, it must be terribly crowded over there these days – what with needing all that volume to more-or-less contain The Obamanation Ego…

    Some say that everyone sorta needs to star in their own life’s story – but L’il Obambam, from all appearances, believes (and tries always to live as though) he stars in everyone’s life-story.

    Except – as you say, Bill – those of us who don’t really exist for him, other than as “group/mass background”.

    (SteveF, your remark gives echoes of the notorious iPod-of-speeches gift to the Queen, right?)

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