Don’t Count President Sharp-Crease Well-Spoken Out Just Yet
Bill Quick

The wages of mendacity | Questions and Observations

What’s interesting is he is a product of his ideology. He is its crowning achievement.  And he demonstrates better than any tome, op-ed or television piece how bankrupt that ideology is.

Whether anyone will really pick up on that is probably arguable.  But there it is – he is indeed the prefect product of liberalism.  And, as anyone who has eyes and a will to actually see, the emperor has no clothes.

Actually, I doubt it.  The average American Marxist will jettison even Barack Obama rather than give up their faith in the gospel according to Lenin.  But I still think there is a broad, deep reservoir of people just looking for a way to keep on excusing Obama, and I’ve seen his numbers turn on a dime.

In fact, he isn’t in a much worse position than he was a few months before the last election, and he went on to win that one.

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Bill Quick

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