Alaska: Land of the Gimme
Bill Quick

Alaska Miscellany – Public Policy Polling

PPP’s newest Alaska poll finds that Hillary Clinton would have a chance at winning the state in 2016…but only if Sarah Palin was the Republican candidate for President. Clinton would lead Palin 49/40 in a hypothetical match up. Only 18% of Alaskans think Palin should run in 2016 to 77% who think she shouldn’t, and even among Republican voters 72% think she should sit out the race.

Clinton trails the other Republicans we tested, although she would make the state closer than it’s been in a while. Chris Christie leads her by 8 points at 46/38, Jeb Bush leads her by 7 at 49/42, Rand Paul is up 6 at 49/43, Marco Rubio has a 3 point advantage at 45/42, and Paul Ryan leads by a single point at 47/46.

Note that most of the leaders of this pack are GOP-Rinos unlikely to do anything to upset the permanent gravy train Alaska enjoys so much.

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