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Legendary pianist Van Cliburn dies at age 78 | – News for Dallas, Texas – The Dallas Morning News

Pianist Van Cliburn, one of the most celebrated musicians of the 20th century and a resident of Fort Worth’s Westover Hills suburb since 1986, died Wednesday morning at his mansion at age 78.

Farewell. He was one of the greatest ever to live.

Narrative Control: Woodward Gets a Warning from Gene Sperling : The Other McCain

Ben Smith at BuzzFeed reports:

The White House official whom Bob Woodward charged had crosssed a line by saying he would “regret” printing his version of a set of Washington negotiations was Gene Sperling, the director of the White House Economic Council, a source familiar with the exchange told BuzzFeed Wednesday.

A lot of folks thought it was Valerie Jarret, Obama’s feminazi attack bitch, but apparently not.

Negative Q4 GDP Revised To Barely Positive, Misses Expectations | Zero Hedge

One thing is clear – the general GDP trendline is ugly, and we may now see downward revisions to Q1 growth forecasts in the aftermath of today’s number.

We’re in a Great Depression, people. Prepare accordingly.

IMAO » Blog Archive » Random Thoughts: Hugo Awards, Humor, and Woodward

Since I hope to be a published SF author soon, how does one get nominated for a Hugo and how much does it pay?

Write something a lot of fans like (it’s a fan, not a writer, award), and not much.

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