Sorry, Not Buying the Self-Serving, Whistle Past the Graveyard Bullshit About the Catastrophic Roberts Obamacare Ruling
Bill Quick

The Mandate After the Court – James C. Capretta & Yuval Levin – National Review Online

In the wake of the Roberts decision, participation in Obamacare’s insurance scheme is optional. Rather than a requirement to buy coverage backed with a penalty for violators, the law now offers Americans two equally lawful and legitimate options: buy expensive insurance (which Obamacare will make all the more expensive), or pay a modest (and still largely unenforceable) tax and just buy insurance for the same price later if you need it. Presented as a choice, not a command, this provision will invite a straightforward comparison, and for many Americans the choice it would pose would be a very easy one.

Obamacare was always going to lead to a disastrous meltdown of America’s health-insurance system, but in the wake of the Court’s decision, many of its former defenders should acknowledge this fact too.

The point is, they don’t care, and will be perfectly happy to engineer a “meltdown” of the American health care system by any means necessary, for the simple reason that they will then use that meltdown as an opening to push full single-payer, government administered socialized medicine into the breach.

I don’t care how many so-called “conservatives” stand up for their butt-buddy Roberts’ horrible ruling, it’s still a disaster that meets all the real goals of the Marxist socialized medicine cabal, but also institutes the taxing power as a club even more final and deadly than an unlimited Commerce Clause.

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Sorry, Not Buying the Self-Serving, Whistle Past the Graveyard Bullshit About the Catastrophic Roberts Obamacare Ruling — 1 Comment

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