Even on ZeroHedge their sense of “history” is only 20 years

ZeroHedge chronicles Latin American debt defaults “as far back” as 20 years ago. Latin America has been defaulting since the late 1800’s and it’s only accelerated as they became more and more socialist. To underline the connection between socialism and … Continue reading

First they wanted your sidearm. Now they want your Sidecar.
nemo paradise

The mayor of San Francisco is worried about a Super Bowl celebration. And he knows just what the city should do to avoid the riots that marred last year’s Giants world series victory. According to CBS (via Drudge): Mayor Lee … Continue reading

Obama Care
nemo paradise

Welcome to the third world: A chaotic scene erupted when the crowd waiting for housing voucher distribution got out of control. Police say thousands of people from all over the area were at the center. Many were homeless, single moms, … Continue reading

Yes, She Really Did Say That
nemo paradise

From CNS News: During the signing ceremony for the law, Mrs. Obama said the federal government has a responsibility for what children eat at school. “When our kids spend so much of their time each day in school, and when … Continue reading

Trapped In His Utopian Socialist Dreams
Bill Quick

JustOneMinute: The Presidential Laugh Track Is Doing Fine Obama’s meaning is clear. Three days after the voters of Wisconsin repudiated their public sector unions and affirmed Gov. Walker’s attempts to rein them in, Obama is insistent that the real problem … Continue reading