Some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the hydrant…

And some days, you just get Trumped. Some time ago, it seems like months and months ago – but it probably wasn’t any father back than right around or slightly before Super Tuesday, I pointed out to a few people … Continue reading

The Children of Light
Bill Quick

The Surrenderess | The Z Blog The phrase “alt-right” has become an abracadabra phrase for the commercial Right, in the same way that “extreme right-wing” is a magic phrase for the loonies of the Left. The theory is that if … Continue reading

The Ironbear Way
Bill Quick

This was so good, I decided to promote it from comments to its own post. Ironbear wrote it.  You should read it. TDS crowd Speckled Right-wing Barking Moonbat: “Trump’s not a conservative!” As opposed to what? As opposed to who? … Continue reading

Bill Quick

The purecon conservative movement has been so effective at advancing conservatism since Reagan, hasn’t it? Probably because their motto is so brilliant:  “Standing athwart history, bending over, shouting ‘come screw us.  Again.’”

Congressional “Conservatives” Moving Toward Another Collapse and Surrender to the Donor Class GOP
Bill Quick

House Conservatives Moving Toward Compromise on Budget I have a new item over on the home page on budget negotiations among the House Republican conference. Thus far, conservatives have largely been a hard “no” on leadership’s budget, but in a … Continue reading

Is Trump A Conservative? Ben Shapiro Says “Sort Of”
Bill Quick

Is Donald Trump Conservative? Here’s the Rundown – Breitbart This week, Senator Ted Cruz has bashed Trump for insufficient conservatism. He explained, “Donald’s record does not match what he says as a candidate.” Cruz isn’t the only one. Last month, … Continue reading

That NRO Suicide Note
Bill Quick

National Review’s Unwise Trump Excommunication | LifeZette The folks at NR launched a similar effort to excommunicate conservatives in 2003, with a much-hyped cover story titled “Unpatriotic Conservatives.” Back then it was Pat Buchanan and the now-deceased Bob Novak who … Continue reading

The Problem With Ideological Purists and the Elites They Inhabit
Bill Quick

National Review’s Jihad Against Trump | PJ Media Many of their arguments revolve around whether Trump is a “true conservative.”  Instead of wading into the definitional weeds on that one — as they say on the Internet, YMMV — allow me to … Continue reading

The Great Winnowing of the Conservative Movement
Bill Quick

Bob Dole: Bob Dole sees “cataclysmic” losses this year if Ted Cruz beats Donald Trump « Hot Air Incidentally, didn’t this guy endorse Jeb Bush? Why is he talking up Trump here? The TDS gang is getting a bit strained … Continue reading

Hi! We’re Conservatives, And We’re Here to Put You On the Unemployment Line: Vote For Us!
Bill Quick

Trump No Conservative Indeed, among the reasons I hope Cruz beats Trump in Iowa, one of the biggest is that I want Cruz to be rewarded for opposing the crony capitalist moonshine known as ethanol. Governor Terry Branstad came out … Continue reading

When You’re Right, You’re Right
Bill Quick

Messing With Texas by Andrew Buttaro, City Journal October 16, 2015 Anticipating the heated style of conservative talk radio, its editorials lambasted “gimmiecrats” for leading the nation “into European-style socialism,” fumed against an Earl Warren-led Supreme Court that had become … Continue reading

Daniel Webster: Not a Total Waste….
Bill Quick

Webster: I’ll Seek Speakership, Gohmert Says Hensarling Won’t – Breitbart Representative Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL)63% stated he will join the race to replace House Speaker Representative Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)35% on Friday’s “Sean Hannity Show.” Webster was asked if he … Continue reading

All the Poor Victims
Bill Quick

Suzy Favor Hamilton — When Victimhood Is Automatically Virtue | National Review Online Conservatives — who are by no means separate from, or immune to, this cultural shift — have at least been lamenting it for a very long time. … Continue reading

California Pussyboy Conservative Congressman Calls It Quits
Bill Quick

House conservative quits Freedom Caucus because he’s tired of futile shutdown fights that only help Democrats « Hot Air Why not present a united Republican front on lower spending even at the price of funding Planned Parenthood, asks McClintock, so … Continue reading

Conservatism in the Eye of the Beholder
Bill Quick

Leftward Ho! « Hot Air Gay marriage is the law of the land, Obamacare is nearly permanently enshrined as a next step toward socialized medicine, marijuana shops are popping up on main street in Everytown, USA and a self-proclaimed socialist … Continue reading

Bill Quick

Trump Has Succeeded in Convincing Conservatives to Discard their Principles Overnight Odd.  I trashed my own principles when I voted for people like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. Trump-hating NRO certainly seems to be getting their money’s worth out … Continue reading

The Real Conservatives of Hot Gas World
Bill Quick

Let the attack ads begin: New Jeb Bush ad hits Trump for being a fake conservative « Hot Air Trump is a fake conservative and Jeb’s not the only candidate who’ll end up making sure that voters know it. Define … Continue reading

Now Sowell Has Drunk the Kool-Aid And Started Spouting Hooey
Bill Quick

Iraq Loss — Bush and Obama Both Made Mistakes | National Review Online But, despite things that could have been done differently in Iraq during the Bush administration, in the end President Bush listened to his generals and launched the … Continue reading

You’ve got to accentuate the positive.

There is a lot being written about why he cannot win. But then. 3 Reasons Ted Cruz Could Win And he doesn’t just match up with them on policy, he matches up with their brashness, their yearning for someone who … Continue reading