Fat Man and…Fat Man…And Feelings
Bill Quick

Despite Side Deal Report, Support Lines Up for Iran Deal Updated 4:49 p.m. | Despite revelations this week of a previously undisclosed side deal, despite face-to-face entreaties from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and despite nonstop criticism from Republicans, the Iran … Continue reading

Maybe a Petition…?
Bill Quick

John Kerry In Cuba: “I Feel Very Much At Home Here” | Weasel Zippers – Linkis.com Of course you do, it’s run by Communists. Is there any possibility you could be convinced to stay there? Like (1) … Continue reading

The Biggest Sheep Around

Republicans to Kerry: You were ‘fleeced’ and ‘bamboozled’ by Iran “Not unlike a hotel guest that leaves only with a hotel bathrobe on its back, I believe you’ve been fleeced,” said Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), Chairman of the Senate Committee … Continue reading

Gin. With Two Dashes of Bitters, Please
Bill Quick

Senate Passes USA Freedom Act to Replace Expired Patriot Act For decades, the planes have provided support to FBI surveillance operations on the ground. But now the aircraft are equipped with high-tech cameras, and in rare circumstances, technology capable of … Continue reading

Obama’s TPP (Toilet Paper Proposal) Giveaway of American Sovereignty
Bill Quick

TAMMY BRUCE: The TPP would trump American interests – Washington Times The legacy media and the federal bureaucracy are really, really, hoping you’ll be distracted by the arrests of soccer executives. And if that’s not your speed, they have the … Continue reading

The Betrayal Papers
Bill Quick

Day By Day Cartoon » In Bed. There are six cartoons by Chris Muir, each one of which is also a link to a much greater explication of the nature of the betrayals we and America are suffering. Go to … Continue reading

Imam Kerry Gives Allah’s Seal of Approval to Iran Nukes
Bill Quick

John Kerry Says Nuclear Deal With Iran is Possible: “If Allah Wills It” | The Gateway Pundit Via BizPac Review: Friend of colleague ran into @JohnKerry at chocolate shop tdy. She said friends in #Iran are looking forward to deal. … Continue reading

Winston Kerry
Bill Quick

Kerry Likens Himself to Gandhi, Churchill, MLK, Mandela for Taking ‘Risks’ on Global Warming :: Grabien – The Multimedia Marketplace “So I through my life have believed that you can take certain kinds of risks in the course of public … Continue reading

Traitor Doesn’t Think Felon Is a Serious Problem
Bill Quick

John Kerry doesn’t think Hillary Clinton’s felony a serious issue Well, he didn’t think his own treason was a serious issue, either, so…. Like (1) … Continue reading

Soros Behind Ferguson Protests?
Bill Quick

Guess Who Spent $33 MILLION Paying Race Rioters to Protest in Ferguson – BuzzPo – Linkis.com Tax documents have revealed that Soros donated $33 million to dozens of “social justice organizations” which catapulted the Ferguson race riots onto the national … Continue reading