The Murderous Logic of Gun Grabbers – Thank God Nobody At That School Had A Gun and Was Able to Stop the Slasher Who Wounded 22 Kids!
Bill Quick

Thank God It Wasn’t Guns – Yahoo News At least when an all-too-real attack came on Wednesday morning, there was only the flashing of blades, not the roar of gunfire. The knives were enough to turn the school into what … Continue reading

Devonshire Principal Patricia Price Responsible for Suspending 10 Year Old for “Pointing Finger Like a Gun”
Bill Quick

10 year old boy suspended | point finger gun | Columbus These sorts of incidents are greeted with near universal condemnation in the blogosphere, but rarely make the evening MSM news. Which is why troglodyte female school administrators assume they … Continue reading

The Latest News From The Boy-King’s Original Homeland…

From over at Ace’s place, the latest ongoing event from the alleged pResident’s alleged mother-country – Terror Attack in Nairobi Mall Kills At Least 25 The Al Shahab attackers, fully strapped with full-auto AK-47s and grenades, sent all non-Mooselimbs out … Continue reading