Illiterate, Poverty Stricken Mexicans, Si! Cuban Doctors, No!
Bill Quick

Doctors For Sale | Daily Cannibal In the meantime, it’s perfectly fine, in the world of the Times, to deny asylum to highly-qualified, highly-desirable legal applicants for immigration, while at the same time welcoming waves of “undocumented” aliens to swarm … Continue reading

Marine Recently Freed In Mexico Could Be Charged Under Insane California Gun Control Laws
Bill Quick

Marine vet imprisoned in Mexico could face charges in California | Marine Corps Times | Marine veteran Andrew Tahmooressi’s legal problems might not end in Mexico. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill said recently that they expect Mexican authorities will release … Continue reading

Comcast Blocking Women’s Second Amendment Site?
Bill Quick

Guns and Curves (GunsAndCurves) on Twitter Guns and Curves @GunsAndCurves  ·  6h . @Comcast is blocking our site bc #2A chicks are scary or something. Until fixed, you can read about us on Hot Air. … Why in the hell … Continue reading

Any Bets On Whether the Hospital Changes It’s “Gun Free” Policy?
Bill Quick

Doctor Seemingly Defies Hospital’s Policy Against Staff Carrying Firearms. The Decision Likely ‘Saved Lives’ When He Found Himself in Life-and-Death Situation. | Video | It wasn’t clear if the incident has the hospital reconsidering its policy against trained staff … Continue reading

The Murderous Logic of Gun Grabbers – Thank God Nobody At That School Had A Gun and Was Able to Stop the Slasher Who Wounded 22 Kids!
Bill Quick

Thank God It Wasn’t Guns – Yahoo News At least when an all-too-real attack came on Wednesday morning, there was only the flashing of blades, not the roar of gunfire. The knives were enough to turn the school into what … Continue reading

Devonshire Principal Patricia Price Responsible for Suspending 10 Year Old for “Pointing Finger Like a Gun”
Bill Quick

10 year old boy suspended | point finger gun | Columbus These sorts of incidents are greeted with near universal condemnation in the blogosphere, but rarely make the evening MSM news. Which is why troglodyte female school administrators assume they … Continue reading

The Latest News From The Boy-King’s Original Homeland…

From over at Ace’s place, the latest ongoing event from the alleged pResident’s alleged mother-country – Terror Attack in Nairobi Mall Kills At Least 25 The Al Shahab attackers, fully strapped with full-auto AK-47s and grenades, sent all non-Mooselimbs out … Continue reading

Raise your blood pressure.

Forget cupcakes. Don’t you even *mention* guns in school, young man! Pasco School District overturns 6-year-old’s suspension for discussing toy gun The Pasco School District has overturned the suspension of a 6-year-old boy who talked about his toy guns at … Continue reading