Indicator: Trump Crushing Cruz, Kasich In PA
Bill Quick

Trump and Clinton Hold Strong Leads in Pennsylvania, New Poll Shows – NBC News Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton hold double-digit leads in the April 26 primary contest of Pennsylvania, according to results from a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist … Continue reading

The Coming of the Idiocrats
Bill Quick

University students are struggling to read entire books | Education | News | The Independent Students have reacted to claims from university professors that they struggle to read books from cover to cover by admitting it is true – but insisting it’s because universities … Continue reading

NYT Science Ignoramus Barks and Craps On Himself
Bill Quick

A Visionary Project Aims for Alpha Centauri, a Star 4.37 Light-Years Away – The New York Times Can you fly an iPhone to the stars? In an attempt to leapfrog the planets and vault into the interstellar age, a bevy … Continue reading

I Laughed at This Story
Bill Quick

Microsoft apologizes for hijacked chatbot Tay’s ‘wildly inappropriate’ tweets | TechCrunch Unfortunately, instead of teens teaching the bot about hot new words like “trill” and “fetch,” Tay was subjected to “a coordinated attack by a subset of people” (it could … Continue reading

This Is My Laughing Face
Bill Quick

New poll shows Romney speech reinforced Trump support « Hot Air Did Mitt Romney’s speech have any impact on voter decisions? Indeed it did, according to Morning Consult — it made Donald Trump’s voters more likely to continue supporting him: … Continue reading

Drudge: Amazing
Bill Quick

10 Publishers Account For Half Of All Online News 01/29/2016 Overall, the top 10 publishers — together owning around 60 news sites — account for 47% of total online traffic to news content last year, with the next-biggest 140 publishers … Continue reading

We’re All Doomed Now: The Government Has Shut Down!
Bill Quick News Forum – HomePage DC government offices shut down Washington, D.C. government offices have closed ahead of the looming winter storm that could dump more than 2 feet of snow, and subway service is scheduled to shut down at … Continue reading

Prediction (Landslide, Baby, Edition)
Bill Quick

The usual idiots are currently bleating about (ultra-conservative/populist sellout, take your pick) Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Trump, while at the same time recoiling in horror at discovering that (as I’ve long predicted) elements of the Donor Class are beginning to … Continue reading

Biden: “Shall Not Be Infringed” Means “Unless I Want To Infringe”
Bill Quick

Biden: Second Amendment Says You Can Limit Who Owns a Gun | PJ Media Biden replied to Borger’s question, “No, [what] Bernie Sanders has to do is say the Second Amendment says which he has of late, the Second Amendment … Continue reading

Victor Davis Hanson is Getting Old. Very Old.
Bill Quick

Transitioning to the Post-Obama Era | PJ Media The media in 2017 has a stark choice between its continued irrelevance and utter hypocrisy. I think starting in 2017, journalists will prefer to be called hypocrites to toadies, and so demand … Continue reading

– And The “Flower Children” Continue, Generation To Generation…

…as the next generation tries to grasp the present- and near-future-reality – Little boy explains “bad guys” to his dad after Paris attacks – and the interviewer, along with Dad, walks him through how “flowers and candles can fight the … Continue reading

Please don’t throw me into the briar patch!

Cuomo urges Dems in Congress to shut down government to get gun control law He also called upon his fellow Democrats in Congress to shut down the government until they get an iron-clad national gun control law passed. “If the … Continue reading

“Experts” Are Idiots
Bill Quick

Message to Aliens Needs to Reflect Gender Equality and Diversity, Experts Say If intelligent aliens are out there, we don’t want them to think we’re a bunch of backward fleshy bigots. A competition organized by the Breakthrough Initiative is offering … Continue reading

More Thumb-Sucking From Some NSO Idiot
Bill Quick

On Iran: Its Not about the Bomb, Its about the Strategy There is no doubt that Iranian nuclear weapons would change the balance of power dramatically; inevitably, they would start a nuclear-arms race throughout the Middle East. And we should … Continue reading