Let’s Instalanche Lynch – Or Instalynch Her
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » SO JOHN BANZHAF’S ETHICS COMPLAINT AGAINST BALTIMORE PROSECUTOR MARILYN MOSBY provides an example of… Plus — as Democratic operatives well know, but all-to-seldom experience personally — the process itself is the punishment. Hey, someone could … Continue reading

About Those Trumped Up Charges
Bill Quick

Stunning Hidden Agendas Exposed – Trump University Lawsuit Brought By Firm Who Paid $675,000 To Bill and Hillary Clinton… | The Last Refuge LawNewz.com discovered that when it comes to politics, Robbins Gellar Rudman & Dowd, the law firm behind … Continue reading


Some guy is selling T-shirts with this rather ludicrous* image. Has been, for months. * Ludicrous only because Bernie is an incompetent tool, unfit to tie the shoes of real hard-nosed tyrants. And then Bernie’s people discovered them and got … Continue reading

Politico: Battery Charges Against Trump Manager Lewandowski To Be Dismissed
Bill Quick

Trump campaign manager will not be prosecuted, sources say – POLITICO A Florida prosecutor has decided not to prosecute Donald Trump’s campaign manager for battery after a March run-in with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, sources with knowledge of the … Continue reading

NRO Editor Responds to Charges of Violation of IRS Non-Profit Regulations, Doesn’t Quite Make Case
Bill Quick

Report from the Grassy Knoll: Reaction to the ‘Against Trump’ Editorial The trouble with this crackpottery is that National Review Inc. is not a not-for-profit. Expressed less negatively: National Review Inc. is a for-profit company. Admittedly, one that never makes … Continue reading

Have JD: Will Lie For Money
Bill Quick

Brady appeals suspension on deflated balls; Pats rebut NFL Attorney Daniel Goldberg’s response claims the league’s conclusions are “at best, incomplete, incorrect and lack context,” claiming as one example that the “deflator” nickname used by a ballboy and cited in … Continue reading

Don’t Recuse Yourself, Your Honor: The Lefties Won’t
Bill Quick

Ex-Perry Lawyer Picked to Hear Appeal in Perry Case | The Texas Tribune “That court has always acted in a partisan manner, but in this case, Justice Pemberton should definitely recuse himself,” said Craig McDonald, head of Texans for Public … Continue reading

Depends on the Meaning of Politicization, I Guess
Bill Quick

Holder Fires Back at GOP: ‘There’s Been No Politicization of This Justice Department’ | Mediaite “It’s always been this left-wing,” he added. By the way, isn’t “fires back” a dog whistle intended to make people shoot Republicans? … Continue reading