And Now, Finally, They’re Coming After the Bloggers
Bill Quick

Dems on FEC move to regulate Internet campaigns, blogs, Drudge | In a surprise move late Friday, a key Democrat on the Federal Election Commission called for burdensome new rules on Internet-based campaigning, prompting the Republican chairman to warn … Continue reading

For some freedom of religion means keeping and bearing arms.

One more thing to like about Sikhs. Sikh man cites religion in lawsuit against gun controls Gursant Singh Khalsa, a practicing Sikh for 35 years, charges in the lawsuit filed this month that California’s laws banning military-style, semiautomatic weapons and … Continue reading

“Nice business you have there. Be a shame if something should happen to it.”

Not that we didn’t expect this from O’s Chitown machine. Holder Goes After that Agency that Downgraded U.S. Credit Rating The Justice Department today announced a lawsuit against the credit rating agency “in our ongoing efforts to protect the American … Continue reading