Tell Me Why
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Why Won’t The Left Apologize For Backing Venezuela? | HeatStreet Despite the moral bankruptcy of their stances having been glaringly apparent, none of them has apologized. As Chavez abused human rights and censored the press he was praised by the British socialist commentator … Continue reading

Shocker! Marxism Ends In Murder, Mayhem, and Mass Poverty…Every Single Damned Time
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Venezuela Will End With Civil War and The Media Will Never Show It… | The Last Refuge Western liberal media is stuck between a rock and a hard place when discussing Venezuela.  A decade long economic devolution as a direct … Continue reading

Let Venezuela Sink
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Venezuela Running Out of Food as U.S. Says Total Meltdown Imminent | PJ Media Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro extended a state of emergency another 60 days as several riots broke out in grocery stores this past week. The country is … Continue reading

Behold the Wonders of Communism
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Fridges go off as Venezuela power-rationing hits Caracas (AFP) – Fridges zapped off in kitchens across Venezuela as the government turned off the electricity supply to help ease a power shortage that is worsening the country’s economic crisis. It is … Continue reading

Bring It
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Bernie Sanders Supporter Cornel West Backs ‘Legitimate Forms Of Violence’ – Breitbart Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) endorser and black radical Professor Cornel West explicitly advocated “violence that must flow from below” in a seldom seen video released in January 2015. … Continue reading

NYT: All the News That Fits (The Commie Narrative)
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Instapundit » Blog Archive » ON THIS DAY IN 1953, JOSEPH STALIN DIED; his New York Times obit the following day reads like necrophilia: Stalin Rose From Czarist Oppression to Transform Russia Into Mighty Socialist State: Well, at least NYT … Continue reading

Apparently Socialized Medicine Just Hasn’t Been Properly Tried…Yet
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China cracks down on scalpers reselling hospital tickets to patients Coming soon to an Obamacare venue near you. Welcome to Thomas L. Friedman’s brave new (Chinese) world. … Continue reading

Why Are Millennials So Freaking Brain Dead?
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Why So Many Millennials Are Socialists First, millennials don’t seem to know what socialism is, and how it’s different from other styles of government. The definition of socialism is government ownership of the means of production—in other words, true socialism … Continue reading

Because Both Islam and Communism Approve of the Notion?
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Do we need to talk about Obama’s $10-per-barrel oil tax proposal? « Hot Air What’s Obama’s game here? Is it just a pander demagoging “Big Oil” that assumes voters don’t understand how taxes work? Is he laying down a “legacy” … Continue reading

Going Commie?
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Thursday TEMS: Duane Patterson, Guy Benson, Eliana Johnson « Hot Air Get ready to pre-order my upcoming book about the 2016 election, GOING RED, due out in April from Crown Forum! Maybe it’s because I’m so old, and my thinking predates the … Continue reading

New Evidence Shows Joe McCarthy Was Right – There Were Communists In Very High Places
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THE NEW REFORM CLUB: The European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought 2015 This is pretty thin gruel. Let me add a few details: Andrei Sakharov devoted the major part of his professional life towards developing thermonuclear weapons for … Continue reading

Reuters Feels Sorry For the Robbers
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Livid over crime, some Venezuelans resort to mob justice – Yahoo News Venezuela has the world’s second highest homicide rate, at 53.7 per 100,000 people in 2012, according to the United Nations, and weapons are easily available. Easily available?  But … Continue reading

The Henderson’s will all be there.

I do not believe that Beijing realized that they were opening Pandora’s box when they engineered the takeover of Hong Kong. They thought they could take the money that was generated and still incorporate that colony back into the mainland. … Continue reading

When She’s Right, She’s Right
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“No one can teach us how to make the economy grow”, blasts Cristina Fernandez — MercoPress “If we can be proud of something is that our administration and our political organization articulates the role of the worker along with the … Continue reading

Venezuela: Some Of Us Don’t Like Communism. This Week, At Least
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Latin American Herald Tribune – Hundreds of Obama and Maduro Effigies Burned in Caracas Easter Celebration CARACAS – Effigies representing U.S. President Barack Obama and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro were set ablaze this year in Venezuela’s Easter “Burning of Judas” … Continue reading

A Modest Proposal for Commie Cocksucker Sean Penn
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In slow opening of Cuban Internet, gov’t allows a public Wi-Fi network | Ars Technica Less than two months after Netflix opened up its services to Cuba, the island nation now apparently has a new, free public Wi-Fi space. For … Continue reading

How Can We Be Comrades When You’re Standing On My Neck?
Bill Quick

“I felt I had watched a very friendly stranger go to a party on the third floor of my family’s house, while my family was being held captive in the basement, desperate to escape” » Cold Fury Every good totalitarian … Continue reading


Venezuela leader orders takeover of supermarket chain Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday ordered the government takeover of a private supermarket chain, accusing the company of food hoarding amid huge lines and shortages in the crisis-hit country. Well, that should … Continue reading