Mexico: Hey, US, Be Careful How You Treat Our Citizens – We’re Watching You!
Bill Quick

Memo From Middle America | Obamnesty Not Approved By Congress? No Problem, It’s Been Approved by Mexico And Central America! | VDARE.COM And Mexico’s statement also contained a warning to the United States In respect to the announcement made in … Continue reading

Some (Relatively) Good News, For A Change -

Another “political prisoner” gets to go home: Marine Released From Mexican Jail “A jailed U.S. Marine veteran who spent eight months behind bars for crossing the border with loaded guns was released Friday and returned home to Florida. The judge … Continue reading

Whew. Just Think How Much Danger We Might Be In If Our Borders Weren’t Protected….
Bill Quick

Hezbollah getting passports in Belize to travel from Mexico to U.S. | Creeping Sharia 4. Razur Antonio Elias – Director of the Mexican Drug Observatory indicated in a report that Islamist organizations are linked to Mexican drug traffickers on the … Continue reading