College: Attend This Stupid Play And STFU!
Bill Quick

N.C. College Promise Punishment After Students Heckle Play | The Daily Caller A liberal arts college in North Carolina is pledging to identify and potentially punish students who heckled a play about sexual assault the college forced them to attend. … Continue reading

Where have you gone, Bill De Blasio…?
nemo paradise

What happened? The last time we heard from the mayor of New York City, he was loudly complaining about the bitch-slapping he had just received from his erstwhile “partner,” NY Governor Andy Cuomo — but that was ages ago. Rumors … Continue reading

Hard Times Goin’ ’Round

With China Crash, Saudi Arabia Hemorrhaging Cash With China’s economic crash driving U.S. oil prices down to $42 a barrel, Saudi Arabia is the oil-exporting nation suffering the worst economic decline. Russia’s being hammered, too. They need the money from … Continue reading

Say, Now Here’s An Idea: Financial Totalitarianism
Bill Quick

Ban cash, end boom and bust – Telegraph A proposed new law in Denmark could be the first step towards an economic revolution that sees physical currencies and normal bank accounts abolished and gives governments futuristic new tools to fight … Continue reading

Too Bad About That Nice Little Career You Once Had, Senator
Bill Quick

Obama’s Justice Department Indicts Robert Menendez (D-NJ) … But Not Harry Reid (D-NV) | Ordered Liberty The Obama Justice Department has filed its much anticipated corruption indictment against Senator Robert Menendez. He is the New Jersey Democrat who, from his … Continue reading

Oh, Shock! Net Neutrality…Isn’t!
Bill Quick

Surprise! New Net Neutrality Regs Have Huge Loophole – BuzzPo While the new rules may prevent companies from charging for the “fast lane” as it were, it turns out there’s a sizable loophole that allows them to block and throttle any content … Continue reading

Shut Up, He Explained
Bill Quick

WyBlog — Obama’s FEC plans to regulate blogs, and dictate what we can, and cannot, say online Obama’s FEC plans to regulate blogs, and dictate what we can, and cannot, say online Censorship is coming to the WyBlog. Obama’s FEC … Continue reading

Buying the Votes Is the Most Important Thing, Of Course
Bill Quick

McDonald’s vs. NLRB | Hoover Institution The NLRA imposes a heavy tax that hurts employers and employees alike. Ironically, the rise of independent contracting generally is an effort to escape these explicit or implicit taxes that the government imposes on … Continue reading