Why Do They Call Statist Thugs “Conservative?”
Bill Quick

Why Suburbia Irks Some Conservatives | Newgeography.com For generations, politicians of both parties – dating back at least to Republican Herbert Hoover and Democrat Franklin Roosevelt – generally supported the notion of suburban growth and the expansion of homeownership. “A … Continue reading

Rational Ignoramuses Don’t Give A Damn Because They Have No Idea….
Bill Quick

Hacking Online Polls and Other Ways British Spies Seek to Control the Internet – The Intercept The secretive British spy agency GCHQ has developed covert tools to seed the internet with false information, including the ability to manipulate the results … Continue reading

Say, That GOP Congress Really Has A Handle on IRS Depredations, Doesn’t It?
Bill Quick

IRS revokes conservative group’s tax-exempt status over anti-Clinton statements: report – Washington Times The Internal Revenue Servicehas revoked the tax-exempt status of a conservative charity for making statements critical of Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Kerry, according to a USA … Continue reading

The Real Reason They Want Snowden Dead
Bill Quick

Making a deal with Edward Snowden: The grudging case for a plea bargain. True, as Gen. Keith Alexander, the head of NSA, worries, if Snowden is not punished, then others like him will not be deterred. There’s the nub of … Continue reading

Golden Oldie: At NSA, The Watchers Will Watch the Watchers
Bill Quick

NSA: No one “had a full understanding” of 2009 call-checking program | Ars Technica Larry Abramson, a national security reporter for National Public Radio, put his finger on one of the key problems with the way that the NSA’s entire … Continue reading

NSA Metadata Mining Useless Against Terrorism?
Bill Quick

NSA Phone Spying Is Useless In Preventing Terrorist Attacks, Study Says As you probably suspected, the NSA’s massive phone record collection “has had no discernible impact on preventing acts of terrorism,” according to a new study. In fact—and perhaps more … Continue reading

What’s Terrifying About Being Repeatedly Raped by the Cops
Bill Quick

What Is The Quantum of Proof Necessary for Police to Rape and Torture you in New Mexico? | Popehat Some people are citing this incident for the proposition that it is terrifying that police officers and doctors would break the … Continue reading

Remember Lavabit? You Should. This Guy Is a Hero, By the Way
Bill Quick

Lavabit’s appeal: We’re actually not required to wiretap our own users | Ars Technica Ladar Levison shuttered his 10-year-old secure e-mail business in August, citing cryptic threats from the government. Last week, the documents in his case were unsealed, and … Continue reading

The Endless Tentacles of Leviathan
Bill Quick

ObamaCare info can be used for “law enforcement and audit activities,” says Maryland exchange « Hot Air There is, however, an exception: “[W]e may share information provided in your application with the appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities.” … Continue reading

You thought the Roberts Court was bad?

Joe Biden wants Janet Napolitano on SCOTUS Vice President Joe Biden has plans for the next career move of outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, saying he’d like to see her on the nation’s highest court. “I think Janet should … Continue reading