A Crime Isn’t a Crime If You Really, Really Want Something
Bill Quick

Italian court rules food theft ‘not a crime’ if hungry – BBC News Stealing small amounts of food to stave off hunger is not a crime, Italy’s highest court of appeal has ruled. Judges overturned a theft conviction against Roman … Continue reading

Crowd-Sourcing Muslim Terrorism
Bill Quick

Bumbling would-be UK bomber asked Twitter followers for target suggestions | Ars Technica A would-be UK bomber and his wife have been found guilty by the Old Bailey court of plotting to carry out an explosion in London to mark … Continue reading

Just a poor dumb hick.

Can someone please point me to what is the difference between these 2 articles? Al Qaeda Destroys Timbuktu Shrines, Ancient City’s Spirit Article 2 New Orleans City Council: Confederate Statues A ‘Nuisance,’ Must Be Removed I don’t understand. … Continue reading

Oh, Jebus – I Yanked Big Moron Ace’s Chain Again, and the Usual Pot-Full Flushed Out
Bill Quick

Viacom Removes “The Dukes of Hazzard” Reruns from TVLand Schedule, Because Urge to Purge Some time ago, Bill Quick attacked me, claiming, wrongly, that I was inconsistent to support a baker’s right to not make a gay wedding cake when … Continue reading

Test: Pass Or Fail?
Bill Quick

O’Reilly: You know who wouldn’t have held a Mohammed cartoon contest? Jesus, that’s who « Hot Air All of which is fine, I guess, if you believe that Christians abiding by Islamic norms on images of Mohammed would make Muslims … Continue reading