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Bill Quick

Self-Described Pan-Africanist Group Puts $5,000 Bounty on Darren Wilson

Wilson is, of course, the police officer who decisively convinced the 292 pound adult black male Mike Brown to cease his violent attack upon the officer. Brown’s death led to days of riots, looting, and arson, followed by months of ongoing violent and inflammatory protests.

Apparently dissatisfied with the $5,000 bounty on Wilson himself, the same Pan-Africanist group has broadened the appeal with a $1,000 bounty on any of Wilson’s close family members.

I think that, given this, Officer Wilson would be perfectly justified in shooting dead any black stranger who so much as got within attack distance of him or his family.

Harsh?  Perhaps.

But if I were being hunted by a mob of racist, white-hating black criminals, that’s what I would do.

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