Papal Bullshit
Bill Quick

Pope Francis: Persecuted Christians ‘Burned Alive, Throats Slit, and Beheaded with Barbarous Blades’ – Breitbart In his Good Friday ceremony of the Stations of the Cross, Pope Francis pulled no punches in denouncing the global persecution of Christians, who are … Continue reading

The Butthurt at Gawker Is Palpable And Wonderful To Behold….
nemo paradise

As Bill has noted, Gawker is now in mortal danger of extinguishment, having just lost a court case that threatens to cost it at least $115 million, and possible much more. Strangely, Gawker has posted no story about this development … Continue reading

Paging Loretta: Hate Speech Alert!
nemo paradise

From my favorite high school lunchroom blog, Gawker: Student activists at Lebanon Valley College are asking the school to change the name of Lynch Hall because of its racial connotations, even though it is named for a former school president … Continue reading