We Need to Change Its Constitution
Bill Quick

Cantor Scolds Committee Chairmen | National Review Online Sources say the chairmen were slightly surprised to hear such a warning from the mild-mannered Virginian. But with rank-and-file Republicans angry about the farm bill’s collapse, they know Cantor is facing pressure. … Continue reading

This is perfectly reasonable.

For the UN. Everyone else thinks it’s Nucking Futs. Iran to chair UN nuclear disarmament conference Iran will chair a United Nations conference on disarmament in Geneva this month, raising eyebrows from Western powers skeptical of Iran’s own nuclear ambitions. … Continue reading

Tonstant Weader Fwowed Up*
nemo paradise

Every once in a while I come across something that I can’t resist torturing Bill with. The criteria are: 1. It has to contain a fallacy of majestic scale — 2. Yet its legitimacy must be presented as obvious as … Continue reading

Getting the dirt on the UN “Human Rights” Council.

Exposing the UN’s dirty little secrets They came to bear witness to the crimes committed by some of the very members of this esteemed UN body. Naturally, at the Palace of the Nations, where over 80 international officials, including Foreign … Continue reading

More Child Abuse from the Terrorist Sympathizing Assholes.

Way to go, ruin the child’s trip to Disney. Via Legal Insurrection and Israel Matzav From Todd Starnes via TSA News The family managed to make it through the TSA checkpoint without any problems. But as they prepared to walk … Continue reading