I Hope They Let This Hero Keep His Chicago Concealed Carry Permit
Bill Quick

Concealed gun permit holder fatally shoots suspected robber during Chicago stick-up – The Washington Post Unlike the Oct. 6 shooting at the Home Depot near Detroit, however, authorities appear to believe the bystander was justified in his use of force. … Continue reading

Second City to go Bankrupt?
Bill Quick

Step Aside Detroit: There Is A New “Worst” City For Housing In The U.S. | Zero Hedge It will come as no surprise that the west, with San Diego, is where the gains are still frothiest: after all the Chinese … Continue reading

Chicago: Another Crony Socialism Success Story
Bill Quick

Beneath Chicago’s Gloss by Aaron M. Renn, City Journal September 24, 2015 Chicago’s troubles are a lesson in what happens to cities and states when they ignore financial realities. The blame goes to Illinois’s bipartisan system—dubbed the “Combine” by Chicago … Continue reading

Guess Where Violence Is Decreasing After CCW Goes Into Effect?
Bill Quick

This Surprise City Is Seeing Less Crime With Concealed Carry | The Federalist Papers The Washington Times is reporting that as the number of Chicago residents with concealed carry handgun permits is rising, crime is steadily declining. Since the state … Continue reading

Be Careful What You Vote For…You Just Might Get It
Bill Quick

Moody’s downgrades Chicago’s credit to junk status as pension reform fails « Hot Air From the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune.) Decades of craven trade-offs by Chicago and Illinois politicians hit taxpayers with costly consequences once again Tuesday. Hit … Continue reading

Rahmbo Will Ride the Sinking Ship Down
Bill Quick

Bloomberg Briefs Now that Rahm Emanuel has been reelected mayor of Chicago and that distraction is out of the way, we can all start thinking about the future of the city. I’m not a betting man. If I were, I’d … Continue reading

Too Bad About That Nice Little Career You Once Had, Senator
Bill Quick

Obama’s Justice Department Indicts Robert Menendez (D-NJ) … But Not Harry Reid (D-NV) | Ordered Liberty The Obama Justice Department has filed its much anticipated corruption indictment against Senator Robert Menendez. He is the New Jersey Democrat who, from his … Continue reading

Must Just Be Coincidence
Bill Quick

BUSTED: We Have Axelrod’s Father’s Communist Party Membership #ObamaLovesAmerica – GotNews Gotnews.com has exclusively discovered David Axelrod’s father’s Communist Party membership. David Axelrod’s book, “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics,” details his very close relationship with his father, Joseph. He repeatedly … Continue reading

Senator Who Blasted Obama Iran Deal Is Charged With Corruption By Obama Justice Department
Bill Quick

Feds to Charge Menendez With Corruption | The Weekly Standard The Justice Department will bring criminal charges to Democratic senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey. CNN reports: People briefed on the case say Attorney General Eric Holder has signed off on prosecutors’ … Continue reading

As if you need another reason to stay away from Chicago

Constitution what Constitution? The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’ . You will notice that the New York Times and The Washington Post are all over this trampling of Americans rights. “The real danger in allowing practices … Continue reading