I see dead people!

And they’re… voting. Even worse: they’re voting Republican! … Continue reading

Hoosier Daddy? Trump’s Your Daddy!

The Trumpening is coming to Indiana! Most important Primary evah! (At least as important as the last six Most Important Primaries Evah! But maybe not as important as Wisconsin, which was the Most Importantest Important Primary Evah!) It’s…. The BATTLE … Continue reading

Paging Loretta: Hate Speech Alert!
nemo paradise

From my favorite high school lunchroom blog, Gawker: Student activists at Lebanon Valley College are asking the school to change the name of Lynch Hall because of its racial connotations, even though it is named for a former school president … Continue reading

Mr. Zombie, Meet Mr. M4A1
Bill Quick

One Flu Over The Zombie’s Nest | National Review Online 3. I’m just not buying the idea that the military would be entirely outmatched by unthinking, slow-moving rotting sacks of meat that can be lured by loud sounds, including car … Continue reading