The Truth Is Not in Him

Obama: ‘Medicare and Social Security Are Not In Crisis’ “Now, we’re often told that Medicare and Social Security are in crisis,” said Obama pointing out that it was used as an “excuse” by Republicans to cut spending. “But here’s the … Continue reading

Obama’s War On America Continues Apace
Bill Quick

WARNING: Obama Has Just Issued ANOTHER Unconstitutional Executive Order on Immigration | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News The indispensable Byron York discovered that on his own hook Obama has changed the rules for L-1B visas and has now made it … Continue reading

What Goes Up Doesn’t Come Down So Quickly
Bill Quick

White House Concedes ‘Raw Math’ Shows National Debt Rising :: Grabien – The Multimedia Marketplace EARNEST: “Well, what he, the president, has noted is that when you evaluate the deficit — and the deficit has actually fallen by two-thirds since … Continue reading