Leave the Slave State of Connecticut and Move to a Free State
Bill Quick

Connecticut Targets Homeschoolers by Matthew Hennessey, City Journal 5 October 2014 In Connecticut, Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission has returned a curious and controversial draft recommendation: the state should increase its oversight of homeschooled children with emotional … Continue reading

The Left Has Created A Nation of Slaves – And They Have Enslaved the Rest of Us to Necessities of Their Survival
Bill Quick

Leftist collectivism fulfills the dreams of the segregationists | Questions and Observations Thus is fulfilled the dreams of the southern white segregationists. Blacks are encouraged to stay in their own culturally isolated communities.** They are encouraged to believe they are … Continue reading

Shocker! Vast Totalitarian Health Scheme Creates Slaves Dependent on Whims of Ruling Class
Bill Quick

CVS demands employees report body weight or face penalty. And why not? [Darleen Click] | protein wisdom While I understand why people recoil at how invasive and Nanny-like this feels — and it is — what the hell did you … Continue reading

Getting the dirt on the UN “Human Rights” Council.

Exposing the UN’s dirty little secrets They came to bear witness to the crimes committed by some of the very members of this esteemed UN body. Naturally, at the Palace of the Nations, where over 80 international officials, including Foreign … Continue reading

Obama Care
nemo paradise

Welcome to the third world: A chaotic scene erupted when the crowd waiting for housing voucher distribution got out of control. Police say thousands of people from all over the area were at the center. Many were homeless, single moms, … Continue reading

Better get a good grip on those guns you’re clinging to.

U.N. CELEBRATES OBAMA RE-ELECTION BY PUSHING GLOBAL GUN CONTROL Less than 24 hours after winning re-election, President Barack Obama’s administration joined with China, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, and more than 150 other governments, in supporting renewed debate on … Continue reading