Penis Envy Sinks Ghostbusters
Bill Quick

Box Office: Feminist ‘Ghostbusters’ Tanks, ‘Star Trek’ Beams Up $60M – Breitbart By all accounts, this vaginal clone sucked big time.  But the usual #VaginaVigilantes will rant that it is proof of male hatred of women – despite the fact … Continue reading

Criticism is an -ism

Remember how any criticism of Fuckface Obama’s policies or words was treated as ipso facto racism? Because, you know, it’s simply unpossible to dislike the policies themselves. Well, here we go again: ‘Ghostbusters’: How Sony Plans to Out-Slime the Online … Continue reading

Welcome Back, Prodigal Progtard Celebrity
Bill Quick

Oliver Stone Slams Reports of His Involvement in El Chapo Film as “Unfounded” (Exclusive) – Hollywood Reporter Stone, the maker of such films as Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July and the upcoming Snowden, was referring to an article … Continue reading

I May Actually Go See This Movie
Bill Quick

Hail, Caesar! :: SteynOnline The film doesn’t seem to be doing much business, and the Loretta Young references won’t mean much beyond the TCM set. But it’s a surprisingly sharp-eyed view of a period contemporary Hollywood (including Clooney) usually reduces … Continue reading

Not A Movie Review
Bill Quick

“13 Hours” Film Paints Realistic Picture of Benghazi …which, one assumes, will not be good for Obama or Hillary! The film depicts the men’s sense of abandonment over and over again. The film is being released on Friday — sort … Continue reading

Screw Back to the Future Day
Bill Quick

Fuck Back to the Future Day Thanks a lot, everyone. You’ve taken a perfectly fun movie reference and turned it into a sinister circle jerk, manned by money-hungry marketers. I loved the Back to the Future trilogy when I was … Continue reading

Lawsuit, Here We Cum!

Stars of adult film reveal industry secrets in controversial Reddit thread There’s a bit of info, nothing too surprising. But here’s the money shot. Er, money quote: The producer also explained that, unlike many other professions, the gender pay gap … Continue reading

If you build it they will come.

Amricans may be stupid but they know what they want to watch. Hollywood does not want to listen and will continue to fail until it does. Box Office: Will Smith’s Star Fades, ‘Sniper’ Stalks Another Record After 7 weekends in … Continue reading