Hey, Geektards, Guess What? Now That You’ve Been Permitted to Read It, the Net Neutrality Rule Is Anything But Neutral
Bill Quick

Net Neutrality Full 400-Page Ruling: FCC Adds Loopholes To ‘No Fast Lanes’ Rule Advocates for an open Internet are buzzing all over again after the Federal Communications Commission’s full order intended to preserve net neutrality was posted online Thursday. Now … Continue reading

As if you need another reason to stay away from Chicago

Constitution what Constitution? The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’ . You will notice that the New York Times and The Washington Post are all over this trampling of Americans rights. “The real danger in allowing practices … Continue reading

Bend Over: Here Comes the Government Again, Good and Hard
Bill Quick

FCC Republicans launch last-ditch effort to sink net neutrality plan | Ars Technica Pai already asked for a public release of the 332-page plan weeks ago, at which time Wheeler’s office said, “The Chairman will continue following the FCC’s longstanding … Continue reading