George Will Needs to Die While Waiting for Treatment Under Obamacare
Bill Quick

George F. Will: On Obamacare, Republicans get in their own way – The Washington Post If the ACA is, as conservatives believe, as unpleasant in potential effects as it is impossible to implement, conservatives should allow what Lincoln called “the … Continue reading

Russian Commies, David Frum in Agreement: Guns Are Evil (And So Is Liberty)
Bill Quick

Russian official mocks Navy Yard shooting – Washington Times A Russian official blasted “American exceptionalism” in a tweet Monday morning, saying the deadly shooting at Washington’s Navy Yard confirms the worst about the U.S. “A new shootout at Navy headquarters … Continue reading

We have no “brothers” in the Syrian Army.

Syrian Electronic Army Defaces US Marines Recruitment Website The Syrian Electronic Army is claiming credit for defacing the recruitment website of the US Marines., which is operated separately from the official Marines website, was changed in the early morning … Continue reading

The Lying Liars at Politico
Bill Quick

GOP support on immigration dissipating – Manu Raju and Carrie Budoff Brown – The landscape could shift if Republicans are able to reach a deal quickly on border security that doesn’t turn off Democrats and if proponents can effectively … Continue reading