Why Would He Listen to Ed Schultz? Nobody Else Does.
Bill Quick

Ed Schultz, Who Compared Limbaugh to Hitler, Slams Hitler Comparisons | Media Research Center Ed Schultz clearly doesn’t listen to Ed Schultz. The MSNBC anchor, who once compared Rush Limbaugh to Hitler, on Tuesday decried a Hitler comparison for Barack Obama. Schultz railed … Continue reading

Ricktard Santorum Hates “Radical Individualism” (Going For the Militant Muslim Vote, Apparently)
Bill Quick

Big government Republicans battle for the soul of the GOP « Hot Air “That is not how traditional conservatives view the world,” he added. “There is no such society that I’m aware of, where we’ve had radical individualism and that … Continue reading

Grab a Big Bag Of Popcorn and Watch Ted Cruz Slam-Dunk Candy Crowley
Bill Quick

Ted Cruz Schools Candy Crowley on Travel Ban From Hot Zone Ebola Countries At this point Crowley sets herself up for the massive slapdown so Bada-BING! CROWLEY: I mean, Republicans have been saying, who’s in charge? Who’s in charge? Didn’t … Continue reading

Attention, Global Village: Your Latest Idiot…

…has, apparently, been mistaken for an “online reporter”, and has managed an “entry” at Rolling Stone… Claims her name is “Kristen Gwynne” – and has purportedly tried to list “The 5 Most Dangerous Guns In America”. As the ancient Yoda … Continue reading

Trayvon Martin Was Killed In Self Defense By A Man Whose Skull He Was Battering Into The Pavement
Bill Quick

Hayes: Most People Realize There’s a ‘Dear Cost to Be Paid’ for Letting People Have Guns :: Grabien – The Multimedia Marketplace ‘You’re coming to me from Florida, which is now famous for the violence that has been visisted among … Continue reading

Transgender “Assault” In High School Bathroom a Fake
Bill Quick

Police: Transgender student admits assault was fake | www.ktvu.com HERCULES, Calif. — The transgender student who reported being assaulted in a bathroom at Hercules High/Middle School Monday afternoon has admitted he lied about the attack, according to Hercules Police. The … Continue reading