One of These Is Just Like Another One
Bill Quick

Palestinian Poet Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia for Renouncing Islam – Breitbart REUTERS – A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced a Palestinian poet to death for apostasy, abandoning his Muslim faith, according to trial documents seen by Human Rights … Continue reading

Shamelessly Stolen And Repeated Entirely, Because Grimly Humorous…

AS SEEN ON FAKEBOOK: “It must be incredibly frustrating as an Islamic terrorist not to have your views and motives taken seriously by the societies you terrorize, even after you have explicitly and repeatedly stated them,” self-described “Iraqi born writer … Continue reading

The Islamic Republic of…Hamtramck?
Bill Quick

Hamtramck, Michigan: Muslim councilman Ibrahim Algahim pops multiculturalist bubble | PJ Media One of those with rising tensions was one of the defeated — and Polish — city council candidates, Cathie Lisinki-Gordon: I’m shocked that he said that. I’m a … Continue reading

Pure, Frustrated Envy – And Shame. That’s Why.
Bill Quick

Saudi-Born Singer: Why Do We Blame All Our Problems on the West? Singer Shams Bandar recently declared that she was renouncing her Saudi and Kuwaiti nationalities for the sake of European citizenship, saying ‘What can these wretched [refugees] do with … Continue reading

Turkey Has Been a Member of NATO Since 1952
Bill Quick

My Way News – Turkey’s PM declares victory in parliamentary election ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has declared victory for his ruling party after preliminary election results showed it restoring its majority in parliament. State-run TRT … Continue reading

Pakistan: The Muslim Nightmare in the Middle of the Living Room
Bill Quick

U.S. State Department Refuses to Put Pakistan on Watch List Sure.  We have to be nice to Pakistan.  They have more than a 100 nukes. And State wants to make sure that Iran does soon, too. Of course, it was … Continue reading

Saudi Wahabbia Makes It Official, Backs ISIL
Bill Quick

Saudi Clerics Issue Call for Jihad Against Russian Forces in Syria | Clarion Project Saudi clerics have issued a call to jihad against the regime Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Russian and Iranian forces backing it. The 53 clerics … Continue reading

McCarthy Cooks Der Saurkraut
Bill Quick

Islam, Ben Carson & Krauthammer| National Review Online Does Charles Krauthammer get Islam wrong because he gets the Constitution wrong? Or does he get the Constitution wrong because he gets Islam wrong? McCarthy mutters a few obligatory throat-clearings, and then … Continue reading

Assless Chaps for Hapless Asses

‘Anonymous’ Hackers Plan to Sell ISIS-Branded Lingerie #Anonymous might start selling #IslamicState-branded thongs/g-strings. Interested? #TrollingISIS #OpISIS — Anonymous (@GroupAnon) September 20, 2015 Why stop at thongs and g-strings? ISIS-themed assless chaps would be fitting for ISIS and might sell … Continue reading

Fiorina: I Want Islam to Rule America
Bill Quick

CAIR Founder: Islam Isn’t in America to Be Equal to Any Other Faith, But to Become Dominant – The Gateway Pundit Would you vote for a Muslim for President?Dr. Ben Carson says he wouldn’t. The media attacked Dr. Carson mercilessly … Continue reading

People Who Don’t Mind Farrakhan Are Appalled That White People Like Donald Trump
Bill Quick

Farrakhan Shouts “Allahu Akbar!” and “White People Deserve to Die” In Latest Sermon (Video) – The Gateway Pundit Louis Farrakhan delivered a three hour sermon this week on August 13. The Nation of Islam leader shouted “Allahu Akbar” and told … Continue reading

You Want Rape? Here’s The Real Deal, Precious Princess Snowflakes
Bill Quick

Muslims Overtake One Hundred And Fifty Innocent Women, And Gang Rape All Of Them. All Of The Women Then Commit Suicide Because They Cannot Bear The Shame Of Being Gang Raped. The Muslims Take Their Bodies And Feed Them To … Continue reading

The Feminist Jihadis of the West
Bill Quick

New York Post Identifies Worst Boss Ever Read the article; it’s worth it. They note the position Muslim kids are in the West, and how they come to hate Westerners for doing what they wish to do, but cannot. If … Continue reading

Islamofascism Suffers a Defeat In Turkey
Bill Quick

Why Turkey voted against authoritarianism – The Washington Post The Turkish election has global importance because it challenges what had seemed, until recently, the inexorable rise of nationalist strongmen and authoritarian parties. Ignatius omits a very important word in this … Continue reading

Horrors. The IDF Is Surrounded (Which Means the Destruction of Hamas and ISIL Is Imminent)
Bill Quick

What ISIS Just Did To Israel Could Be A TOTAL Game Changer For The Entire Region (Scary) The IDF Spokesperson’s Office issued a statement in which it said it “views the incident gravely” and that the responsibility for the attack … Continue reading

The Joys of Democracy in the Muslim World
Bill Quick

Turkish Popular Presidential Elections: Deepening Legitimacy Issues and Looming Regime Change – South European Society and Politics – The stage is already set for the June 2015 legislative elections. The AKP government has already started its election promises as more … Continue reading

It’s Your Religion, Stupid
Bill Quick

Men brace for ‘beard patrols’ in Iraq’s IS-held Mosul – Yahoo News Baghdad (AFP) – Every time he looks in a mirror, Laith Ahmed is worried. As of Monday, the young Iraqi’s hopelessly hairless chin could land him in an … Continue reading

You Might Even Say They Are Exemplary
Bill Quick

America is Giving Up on Christianity Because it Gave Up on God Ages Ago | PJ Lifestyle My colleague Michael van der Galien is right, we need to counter the secularization of America with biblical values. The answer, however, first … Continue reading

Shocking! Muslim Barbarians Are Slaughtering Innocent Tourists Now!
Bill Quick

ISIS – what a bunch of evil cowards! Slaughtering tourists! What is next, infants in strollers? | Gretawire ISIS – what a bunch of evil cowards! Slaughtering tourists! What is next, infants in strollers? Another media moron who has no … Continue reading

OMG, Protect Us From This Terrible Thing We Created
Bill Quick

New Saudi king aims for Sunni unity vs Iran and Islamic State – Middle East – Jerusalem Post The second overarching concern for Riyadh is Islamic State. IS has called on Saudis to stage attacks inside the kingdom and some … Continue reading

The Real Reason Obama Is Terrified of Netanyahu Speaking to Congress: Never Again!
Bill Quick

Two days ago I wrote: Netanyahu is an excellent and rousing speaker. His popularity domestically will skyrocket after his speech. Americans love a fighter, and the hate Iran. Bibi embodies both, unlike President Princess Perfect, who embodies neither. I’ve been … Continue reading

Phil Dick and The Man In the Irrelevant Castle
Bill Quick

So, About The Man in the High Castle | Ed Driscoll Prospects: Depends. If you’re tired of high-concept dystopian fantasy and Nazi bad guys, this is a pass. Pass. Phil Dick was a fine writer, but a committed leftist as … Continue reading

They Don’t Stay Bought
Bill Quick

US official: US was surprised by collapse of Yemen govt WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration’s senior counterterrorism official acknowledged Thursday that U.S. intelligence was surprised by the collapse of the U.S.-backed government in Yemen. Nick Rasmussen, who directs the … Continue reading

The Djinn
Chef Mojo

What bothers the living crap out of me is hearing Muslims and sympathetic Westerners bleating that ISIS are not Muslims! Such incredible, imbecilic denial. But, then there are the ones, both Muslim and their Western fellow-travelers, with their tinfoil hats … Continue reading