Shocking! Muslim Barbarians Are Slaughtering Innocent Tourists Now!
Bill Quick

ISIS – what a bunch of evil cowards! Slaughtering tourists! What is next, infants in strollers? | Gretawire ISIS – what a bunch of evil cowards! Slaughtering tourists! What is next, infants in strollers? Another media moron who has no … Continue reading

OMG, Protect Us From This Terrible Thing We Created
Bill Quick

New Saudi king aims for Sunni unity vs Iran and Islamic State – Middle East – Jerusalem Post The second overarching concern for Riyadh is Islamic State. IS has called on Saudis to stage attacks inside the kingdom and some … Continue reading

The Real Reason Obama Is Terrified of Netanyahu Speaking to Congress: Never Again!
Bill Quick

Two days ago I wrote: Netanyahu is an excellent and rousing speaker. His popularity domestically will skyrocket after his speech. Americans love a fighter, and the hate Iran. Bibi embodies both, unlike President Princess Perfect, who embodies neither. I’ve been … Continue reading

Phil Dick and The Man In the Irrelevant Castle
Bill Quick

So, About The Man in the High Castle | Ed Driscoll Prospects: Depends. If you’re tired of high-concept dystopian fantasy and Nazi bad guys, this is a pass. Pass. Phil Dick was a fine writer, but a committed leftist as … Continue reading

They Don’t Stay Bought
Bill Quick

US official: US was surprised by collapse of Yemen govt WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration’s senior counterterrorism official acknowledged Thursday that U.S. intelligence was surprised by the collapse of the U.S.-backed government in Yemen. Nick Rasmussen, who directs the … Continue reading

The Djinn
Chef Mojo

What bothers the living crap out of me is hearing Muslims and sympathetic Westerners bleating that ISIS are not Muslims! Such incredible, imbecilic denial. But, then there are the ones, both Muslim and their Western fellow-travelers, with their tinfoil hats … Continue reading