Romney Won’t Be Quite As Easy to Scam – Of Course, What He Does In Spite of That Might Be Problematical
Bill Quick

Around the world, perceptions of Obama-Romney contest lag reality – The Washington Post There is so much unfinished business” between the United States and the rest of the world, said Stefan Kornelius, the foreign editor of the German daily Sueddeutsche … Continue reading

Family Problems
nemo paradise

Nemo is in a quandary. He has just heard from his Cousin Demo, who has been down on his luck for awhile, and appeals to the DP’s readers for advice. Briefly, the situation is like this: Demo has a large … Continue reading

The Kids Aren’t All Right: Grim News For Europe’s Future
nemo paradise

We all know about the various stresses and strains of the European financial system, but most analysts (not you, Bill) have remained relatively confident that things would find a way to sort themselves out one way or another. But here’s … Continue reading