Non-Americans Say Un-American Things
Bill Quick

Israeli leader: White House criticism un-American JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s prime minister dismissed a recent White House rebuke of Israeli settlement construction, saying in comments broadcast on Sunday that the criticism goes “against American values.” The tough words by Prime … Continue reading

Why Do They Call Statist Thugs “Conservative?”
Bill Quick

Why Suburbia Irks Some Conservatives | For generations, politicians of both parties – dating back at least to Republican Herbert Hoover and Democrat Franklin Roosevelt – generally supported the notion of suburban growth and the expansion of homeownership. “A … Continue reading

Americans Used to Be a Reasonably Smart People – Apparently That’s No Longer the Case
Bill Quick

Voters Agree with Obama’s Plans to Fight ISIS – Rasmussen Reports™ President Obama in a nationally televised speech last week outlined his plans for fighting the radical group that calls itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, also … Continue reading

Drawing The Line Of Battle…

…and laying out the strategies (and logistics) to come – or so one might hope: Sessions: Obama Move on Illegals Would ‘Alter Constitutional Framework’ At – perhaps – some risk of being accused of “dramatic overstatement”, the good Senator lays … Continue reading