Female Ham-Planets
Bill Quick

The Human Impulse to Dehumanize – Taki’s Magazine During a televised panel discussion with a group of outraged female ham-planets, an extremely obese, severely balding, and horrifyingly unattractive “size acceptance campaigner” named Kathryn Szrodecki told Hopkins that her comments constituted … Continue reading

We Need to Stop Eating With Forks – Nazis Used Forks, Too! And Don’t Get Me Started on Volkswagens!
Bill Quick

Clothes retailer Topman pulls jacket that featured Nazi insignia – NY Daily News Fashion retailer Topman has withdrawn a clothing line that featured Nazi insignia. The embarrassed clothier apologized after the blunder was pointed out by an online shopper. The … Continue reading

Here’s What Sort of Education $100,000 Buys You
Bill Quick

#CancelColbert Activist Suey Park Responds to Stephen Colbert Promotion – TIME The cross-promotion of more white male celebrities prove it: The entertainment industry has perfected the development of white, cis, straight, male characters. The marginalization of “other voices” — except … Continue reading

It’s Hard Finding Just the Right Halloween Costume
Bill Quick

No cowboys or genies: ‘Hurtful’ Halloween costumes frighten college honchos | Fox News Finding a Halloween costume that doesn’t terrify politically-correct college busybodies could be a challenge this year, with schools warning students dressing up as cowboys, Native-Americans, hillbillies and … Continue reading

PC, Sharia, and Barbarian Savagery
Bill Quick

Not Clauswitz | The semi-sprawling Adventures of a Culturally Hegemonic Individualist-Imperialist and Anti-Idiotarian Functional-Structuralist, choking on the toxic-grade Smug emitted by the self-satisfied lotus-eating, Prius-driving, floppy-hat wearing, Lizadroid-Leftbat Califorganic Tofuistas. ~ With Guns, more Guns, Motorcycles, Snorkeling, and some Home-Improvement … Continue reading

Diversity Is Fine – Of Course, There Must Be Limits
Bill Quick

» Northwestern student defends excluding heterosexual white males from diversity position – Col·lege In·sur·rec·tion We recently noted that a Northwestern student government nominee’s confirmation was blocked because he is a ‘heterosexual white male.’ Diversity for some. But not for all. … Continue reading

I’m Loving It – Howie Kurtz’s Boeing Dives Straight Into the Ground
Bill Quick

Howard Kurtz Screws Up Yet Again, But This Time He’s Fired, Because He Offended the Left’s Gay Lobby Why now? I think it’s pretty obvious — Jason Collins is now the Gay Black Sandra Fluke, and therefore now An Hero, … Continue reading

Tonstant Weader Fwowed Up*
nemo paradise

Every once in a while I come across something that I can’t resist torturing Bill with. The criteria are: 1. It has to contain a fallacy of majestic scale — 2. Yet its legitimacy must be presented as obvious as … Continue reading